Shipping Rates are a
Broken Process

  • Today rates live in many
    disparate systems

    Forcing you to go through ERP, TMS, vendor portals, email, and spreadsheets.

  • Rates change constantly

    They change regularly and surcharges are difficult to maintain.

  • Contract terms are getting shorter

    And spot rates are becoming more popular.

  • Choosing the best option is impossible

    From different systems & spreadsheets.

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Spreadsheets are too cumbersome and static for modern supply chain management teams.

Each rate needs to be checked in multiple systems and surcharges are taken from different locations - this takes hours per day. It is almost impossible to pick the best vendor for each shipment, which could lead to tens of thousands of dollars in delayed stock arrival or inadvertently missing MQCs because you were not able to measure the spot market levels. 

Say goodbye to complexity. Vector (8) Welcome effortless efficiency.

Ship Angel’s


$10,000s saved


Picking the wrong rate for each shipment can cost you thousands

3x faster


Keeping your rate up to date and tracking surcharges take hours per day

10x efficient


A single modern system of record for your global shipping rates that makes your supply chain more efficient


Your Ship Angel Platform is your system of record for global shipping rates with all your latest contract rates, up to date surcharges and spot market rates.

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Enriched with TEN cutting edge data points to enrich each shipment, from most direct to fastest to greenest and many more.

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The result is a  rapid ROI for supply chain teams saving hours per day and hundreds of dollars per shipment!

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