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Our team

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CEO & Founder

Graham Parker

CEO & Founder Graham Parker previously founded and led Kontainers to an exit to Descartes. Over a 6 year journey they served almost a quarter of the top 25 global freight brands allowing for a deep and unique insight into the industry. Now he leads the way at Ship Angel to bring an instant suite of revolutionary SAAS tools for BCO shippers.

Head of product and Founding Team member

Ray Yang

Ray is an experienced technologist with experience in Finance, start-ups and Rate Management. Ray is a founding member of the Ship Angel team in NYC and leads product

Head of AI Engineering

Tetyana Loskutova

Tetyana is a Menza member and has worked in ML/AI field for over a decade, she is a tutor in Toronto and leads the World Class Ship Angel Team of 6 Engineers / Designers / QA / PM building out the core of Ship Angel product as well as a brand new “AI first Rate API”.

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